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  • Lesson Three Shopping at Silk Street (3)

    Updated 2014-04-16 14:21:33

    Lesson Three Shopping at Silk Street (3)

    CRI reporter: Stephy Chung

    Stephy: Let' s put our tips and phrases to the text. Here we have Julianna and Toby. Anyone here a first-time silk market shopper?
    Julianna: I am.
    Stephy: You are? Any particular strategies you are going to try out?
    Julianna: I think if I speak a little Chinese, I can get a good price.
    Stephy: OK. And you?
    Toby: Just gonna bargain hard and use a lot of patience.
    Stephy: Ah, lots of patience. Well right now we have a little bit of bargaining competition. I' m going to give you each 500 kuai, that' s equivalent to about 75 US dollars. With this, you are going to try to bargain for this Qipao (旗袍).
    Toby: For me?
    Stephy to Toby: Yes, well, for your girlfriend maybe.
    Stephy: The rules, one, bargain for the lowest price possible. Two, use the Chinese phrases we've learned today. And three, you have ten minutes. Beginning now! Ready? Set? Go!

    Saleswoman: Hello sir, do you want Qipao?
    Toby: 这个多少钱?
    Customer: 这个旗袍三百五十块。
    Toby: 好贵啊,便宜点。
    Customer: 多少钱你要买?
    Toby: 最高给你一百五。
    Saleswoman: 一百五十块钱不可以,给你最低最低二百三十块钱。
    Toby: 还是不行。
    Saleswoman: 你最高给我多少钱?
    Toby: 二百元好吗?
    Saleswoman: 好的,两百块钱。

    Julianna: 你好。
    Saleswoman: 您需要什么?
    Jullianna: 这个多少钱?
    Saleswoman: 这个四百块。
    Jullianna: 四百块,太贵了。
    Saleswoman: 那你最高多少钱?
    Jullianna: 两百。
    Saleswoman: 两百太低了,三百好吗?
    Jullianna: 便宜点。
    Saleswoman: 那你最高多少钱?
    Jullianna: 两百二。
    Saleswoman: 好吧。

    Stephy: Time is up. Let' s see how our shoppers did. Wow, beautiful! How much?
    Jullianna: 220. Cheaper than anything I got here.
    Stephy: 220? You can' t beat it.
    Toby: Yes, you can.
    Stephy: You can? How much? 200? We have some expert shoppers here today. Tell you what, you get to keep the money you didn' t spend.
    Toby: Oh, that' s great. But what about the Qipao?
    Stephy: Of course you can keep the Qipao.
    Stephy to Jullianna: And you get to keep the Qipao.
    Stephy to both: Thank you so much for playing and using our Chinese phrases.

    Stephy: The Silk Market is a bartering experience not to be missed. Just remember便宜点。We are Living Chinese. I'm Stephy Chung. 


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