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  • Lesson Six: Going to the Hospital (1) 看病

    Updated 2014-06-11 13:51:15

    Lesson Six: Going to the Hospital (1) 看病

    CRI reporter: Jules Page

    (Outside hospital)

    Jules: Visiting the doctor in China might be a slightly different experience for those of us who come from different parts of the world. In other parts of the world when we feel unwell, we usually go to a doctor's surgery or medical clinic. It's only for more serious illnesses that we would need to come to a hospital.

    (Inside hospital)

    Jules: Big cities in China like Shanghai and Beijing have hospitals, clinics and even dentists that cater specifically for foreigners. However I've been living in China long enough now to feel comfortable using a local hospital.

    Today I don't feel very well, I've got a headache and I think I've got a fever, so I really should go and see the doctor. Let's go in.

    (Jules enters door of hospital.)

    One of the first things you should notice is that you don't need to make an appointment to see the doctor in advance. However, once you are here you will need to register.

    (Jules at reception area counter)

    Jules: 您好,大夫。 我头疼, 我好像发烧了,我该看哪科?
    Receptionist: 内科。
    Jules: 好的。挂号费多少?
    Receptionist: 五元。
    Jules: 谢谢。
    Receptionist: 不客气。

    GRAPHIC FLASH: 我头疼。我 means I, 头疼 headache, both are the second tones, 我头疼。I have a headache.

    我好像发烧了。我 I, 好像 means It seems that, 发烧 fever, both are the first tones, 我好像发烧了。I think I have a fever.

    我该看哪科?我 I, 该 means should, 看 to see, 哪科 means which department, together 我该看哪科?What department should I go to?

    挂内科。挂 means to register, 内科 internal medicine, the fourth tone and the first tone, 挂内科。You should go to see a doctor in the internal medicine department.

    挂号费多少?挂号 registration, both are the fourth tones, 费 means fee, 多少how much, 挂号费多少?How much is the registration fee?


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